Palatal Expanders


Palatal Expanders

We recommend only the most suitable, needed services to our patients at Tender Dental Care. For younger patients, this may include a palatal expander to ensure proper smile formation and alignment. Palatal expanders are used as a preventive measure and can help to widen the upper jaw. As this happens, the upper and lower teeth fit together better!

When you or your child visit our practice, our dentist closely analyzes your teeth and bite to determine the services that are most appropriate for your dental needs. A better fit between a patient’s upper and lower teeth results in a more aesthetic and functional smile. Most of the time, the upper jaw is too narrow and needs to be widened to allow for the space need for the teeth to properly align.

A palatal expander works by gradually widening and stretching the soft cartilage of the palate. This creates more room for crowded permanent teeth without the need for extraction. Any questions or concerns may have will be discussed thoroughly, so that you can feel informed and cared for. If you would like to learn more about palatal expanders in Burton, Michigan, contact our office at 810-715-3368 and arrange a consultation with our dentist, Dr. Prabha Raju.

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