Oral Surgery


Oral Surgery

Our oral surgery services at Tender Dental Care can provide patients with a restored smile and improved self-image. Surgery of any kind can be nerve-racking, and Dr. Prabha Raju provides only the treatments you need most. To learn more about getting oral surgery in Burton, Michigan, you are invited to call 810-715-3368 and arrange a consultation with our dentist. You may also view the pages below:

There are many services in the oral health care field that are characterized as oral surgery. Regardless of what surgical treatment you receive, the goal of surgery is to improve the overall health and function of your oral structures. It can also be impactful in enhancing the appearance of your smile. Whenever possible, our dentist will try to provide the most conservative treatment possible. In some cases, though, oral surgery can be a necessary procedure to treat a condition and improve the overall health of a patient.

Bone grafts, tooth extractions, wisdom teeth removal, and jaw surgery are just a few examples of oral surgeries. To help ensure you get the high-quality care and exceptional results you deserve, we happily work with local oral surgeons and other specialists. We do all we can to make your treatment process as convenient and comfortable as possible.

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Due to the crisis, we are taking the CDC advisory and seeing only emergency patients in our office. We are going to see only one patient at a time, disinfecting thoroughly before and after. This is to ensure that we are taking the highest precautions necessary to assure your safety.

In case you need support or information about infection control and precautions call or text 810-938-9966 [email protected]. We can also order an immune booster called Thieves from Young Living. Call us to place your order NOW while supplies last.